Tag! You’re It

Tag! You’re It

Fantastic! This book unfolds so many layers of inclusiveness and allows the audience of all ages to connect with the main characters in the story. The author creates a beautiful storyline of acceptance and courage regardless of unique differences everyone has. This is a wonderful book for children to read.

— Ashley Mathews, Educator, Hartsdale, NY

Amazing! I was in complete awe of the illustrations of this book, as well as intrigued by the many lessons that this book can teach both young and old. Empathy, compassion, inclusion and love are just some of the many themes that this author has brought to life in this beautiful story. I highly recommend this book.

— Jacquelyn Cartella, First Grade Teacher, Mahopac NY

What a beautiful story about acceptance and inclusivity! Nicky and Gabby bring joy to readers and teach us the importance of welcoming all!

— Lisa Rikala, First Grade Teacher, Bronx, NY

As a Special Education Teacher, celebrating differences and including all types of learners is so important to me. Tag You’re It by Jannesy DeLeon is finally what we, as educators and parents have been long awaiting. I was instantly brought to happy tears and am so eager to bring this awareness and inclusive book back to my classroom as well as my own child’s reading life. ♥️

— Rachel Nucci, Special Education Teacher, Long Island, NY

“Tag! You’re it!” the voice ricochets in Gabby ear. She longs to play, too, but can’t ask to join. Gabby lives with cerebral palsy and is nonverbal. When her brother, Nicky, does the talking for her and asks for both of them to join, the other kids react with skepticism. Can Gabby really play with her disabilities?

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